Garden, Roads & General Repairs

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Since the beginning of the 2017 the CCHA maintenance efforts have concentrated on identifying the colonia’s needs while developing an appropriate response based on budget, safety and impact. Many of the major issues related to lighting, road repair, safety and ongoing enhacement of the colonia’s appearance have been addressed and will be followed up in the future. Going forward your CCHA will:
(i) engage the city
(ii) define our roles
(iii) assess how best to utilize our combined resources.

Items which will impact the budget include:
(i) replacing more than 40 street lights
(ii) ongoing road repair
(iii) expansion and management of the colonia’s gardens and entrances
(iv) clearing brush and rock slides
(v) clearing the rainwater spillways
The corroded handrail from Easy Street leading to Playa Conchas Chinas has been replaced.

This year the association was graced by several generous donations of tools, plants, and services which will further enable your CCHA:
(i) to expand its maintenance efforts
(ii) to enhance the colonia’s appearance
(iii) to improve upon its safety

Cesar and Jerman have accomplished a great deal. If you have any of the following tools or equipment or would be willing to purchase these for use by our workers, please contact the office, 322 222 5121 or at The address of the office is Constitución 285A or email Joni Henry (

1) Small square blade shovel. The old one is broken.
2) Backpack sprayer – for insecticide and fertilizer applications
3) Machete – cold steel – 18-24”
4) String and rope to tie and secure landscaping needs.
5) 21-24” bow saw for trimming trees limbs.

1. CCHA has been in existence since 1989. For more than 8 years the fees have not increased, while at the same time expenses such as salaries and materials for street repairs have increased. Any donation in addition to the dues would make a big difference. Last year people donated materials, labor and plants and look at what was accomplished.

2. Our colonia has lots of street and hills. Jerman owns an old Volkswagen that the guys have been using to transport all the plants, soil, hoses, blower, rakes, and whatever else they need. The car does not function well. Does anyone have a small truck they could donate?

3. Yard waste: CCHA CANNOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR DISPOSAL OF YARD-WASTE FROM INDIVIDUAL VILLAS OR CONDOS. Please make arrangements to have yours removed and not left in the street.

4. Basura: Please carefully bag your garbage in a large black bag and tie it securely. If it is not properly bagged, when the garbage truck comes by to pick up the garbage, the workers drop the loose garbage in the street and leave it.

If you have maintenance issues, problems or questions please contact Adriana at the office 322 222 5121 or at The address of the office is Constitución 285A. If you need someone to pick up your dues please contact Joni Henry at

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