Gardening & Maintenance Report

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Our Gardeners and Volunteers are on a roll with the clearing of trash, weeds and earth slides, new areas are being uncovered that have great possibility for the creation of new gardens. Support from the community and volunteers has been such a success that we are now calling our projects Round Ups. Watch for upcoming invitations in your email.
Completed Projects:

*South Entrance Road: new garden at the Ochas Cascadas/World International signs.
*Paseo De Las Conchas Chinas: Banana grove, Bougainvillea and Jungle Wall. 
*Mexico 200: Lower Conchas Chinas Calle Sagitario clean up
*Capracornio-Easy Street Lower conchas Chinas clean up 
*Paseo De Las Madre Perlas: From World Internationalto Condo la Punta

The Crew:
Luis Salazar – Head of Maintenance
Cesar Iglesias – Master Gardner
German Grano – Maintenance

Contributions are made in many ways:
Providing services
Volunteering at Round Ups
Donating to the project of choice

List of Supplies Needed:
Providing food and refreshments for Round Up workers and volunteers
Any other ways that you can help

Thank You!

The following are 2016 support and donations (so far!)
Palms, cactus, groundcover plants, and plant soil
Costco Gift Card
Member’s Mozo Assistance
Tree Pruning Saw Blade
Extension Ladder


Our Cobblestones Are Back. The work of repairing our cobblestone roads continues each day. Look out your window and you may see the crew hard at work. Grand Miramar lent the services of their engineer to instruct the crew in the best techniques for repairing the streets.

Please Note: When the road repairs are completed keeping them in good repair will be important to all residents. We ask that anyone working on their home and using cement, to please have their workers place a large, thin, wood panel on the cobblestones. This will be easier to mix, shovel and clean up, leaving the cobblestones intact.

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