Pet Alert

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This is a warning for all pet owners in Conchas Chinas. Poison was recently put out on Rinconada de las Mardre Perlas and one pet dog has died. The alleged reason for the poison was to kill stray cats.

If you have a problem with feral cats, please contact the CCHA, Do NOT put out poison. This is dangerous and has killed other animals and could potentially harm people. The association works with several cat rescue organizations in Banderas Bay and they can assist with any feral issues.

Be Responsible
The CCHA is asking that all dog walkers please clean up after the dogs have defecated. This is an ongoing issue. It is not healthy for the community and can be a walking hazard for fellow walkers and runners, plus tourists find this unattractive. If you need bags for excrement, please let the association know.

Another dog issue is dogs not on leashes. If you are going to walk your dogs, please have them on a leash. This will avoid possible vehicle and dog accidents, dogs menacing other walkers and dogs attacking other dogs, that may even be on a leash. This is a safety concern because roaming dogs can get into the poison being put out on the streets and green areas.

These issues affect everyone in the colonia. Please be respectful of your neighbors. If you have any questions or have a problem, please contact the association,

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